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Optimizing your Backyard Space for Comfort 

Back-to-school is approaching which means a diminishing amount of summer days left to enjoy. But this doesn’t mean we can’t keep dreaming about the fun awaiting us next summer. This time of the year is perfect to start clearing out your existing backyard space as you plan for the space that will optimize your comfort and pleasure for next year! We’re sharing some home renovation ideas geared towards making your backyard a paradise.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen cabinetryThere is nothing more frustrating than entertaining and having to separate yourself from company by going inside to check on what’s cooking. This is why outdoor kitchens have risen in popularity as an addition to home design. They are a practical way to entertain and add functionality to your space during the warm summer months. You’ll also find that this addition will increase your home’s curb appeal and come in handy for large entertaining events. 

Landscape with Rocks and Perrenials

outdoor landscapingAnother simple way our Barrie contractors recognize as a way to elevate your outdoor space is to plant vibrant and lush perennials. Perennials are plants that will return year after year and are typically far less maintenance. When possible, it’s always best to plant native species. Some of the more popular ones found in Ontario include Black-Eyed Susans, Daylilies, Hostas, and Peonies. Green and colourful foliage are sure to bring a raised profile to your backyard.  

landscaping the backyardAdditionally, rocks and stone have been traditionally used all over the world as a durable alternative to mulch landscaping. They can also be used in your patio construction to build a versatile foundation for placing other structures and furniture. Both materials are also great to incorporate in unleveled spaces to create steps and beautiful feature areas. Check out our Cardinal Landscaping project as an example of both of these elements in action!


Build a Pergola or Gazebo with a Firepit

pool cabanaOften overlooked in an outdoor home renovation is incorporating structures like Pergolas or Gazebos. These structures provide inviting shelter and shade from the elements on super warm or windy days. They also frame a space for the perfect entertainment area to enjoy the outdoors. 


Firepits are also one of the best ways to extend your day or even your entire season outside. They are a welcoming place to arrange to seat and enjoy fireside stories with family and friends. Additionally, their ambiance creates a warm environment to stay cozy and entertain during evenings and cooler spring or fall days. 

Create a Comfortable Seating Area

outdoor gazeboProbably one of the most important tips we can provide is to pick comfortable seating. Often people will opt for cheaper alternatives that won’t keep the company outside for long. However, the outdoor furniture game has evolved into endless modern and durable options. You can find reasonably priced outdoor sectionals, daybeds, and patio seats which you’ll be able to lounge in all day. Our Pool Cabana project incorporates all of these elements into one stunning space. Check it out!


Let’s design your paradise!

 If you are making plans for your home design or up-and-coming home renovations, let’s start the conversation now! Our team of expert Barrie contractors knows how to make your ideas come to life. From building a modern outdoor kitchen to revitalizing seating areas, we’ll be sure to design the space you want. 


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