Kitchen renovation project

How do you achieve a stress-free renovation?

home renovation planningIt’s all in the planning. Before every great project, big or small, comes a well-laid-out plan. The better your plan, the better you can expect your project to go. What is part of the planning process? This includes setting a clear vision of what you want your home design to look like. From there you can dive into the fun part – getting stuff done! It’s important to loop all these details back to a comprehensive budget which will be the foundation of all the decisions you make. 

We’ll go into more detail below!

What is your vision?

Home renovation projectsBefore contacting contractors, it’s a great idea to create a vision board of what will be inspiring your home design. Pinterest, magazines, and blogs are fantastic resources to get you started on this! Keep your reference material organized by each room that is being addressed in your renovation.

Also, keep in mind if your design choices will be adding value to your home!

After compiling your ideas, take a crack at drawing them out according to your floor plan. This helps you visualize what the finished product might look like! 

This is also helpful reference material to take to your contractor!


What needs to get done?

bathroom redesign projectThis part of your plan is about addressing the nitty-gritty details. You’ll need to create a detailed description of what your home design will look like. This means setting priorities in terms of

  • Use of space
  • Light and brightness
  • Traffic patterns
  • HVAC, electrical, and plumbing jobs
  • Demolition if required
  • Focused room renovations (ie: bathroom, kitchen, living space)

This should be addressed for each room included in your home renovation.

Making the distinction between wants and needs will be integral to this part of your plan. Making a quick ‘yes or no’ list can help with this priority setting and can help keep you on track for the later stages of your renovation. You should also separate projects from the big and the smaller jobs. 

In this stage, it’s also essential to look for contractors and subcontractors who can get the work done and assist in attaining any permits you may require. They will also help you understand what is actually feasible to accomplish.

How are you budgeting for the project?

additional cabinetry add-onsWe mentioned earlier that setting priorities is essential, but this is why! Setting priorities will help you understand how to budget for your project. Whether that means scaling back the amount getting done or getting it done in phases, this will bring you loads of clarity as you journey into your home renovation.

If you are scaling back, you’ll focus on your priority areas. The projects that need to get done to make the most of your home and make it fit your lifestyle.

If you are phasing your project, you can create flexibility on what areas you focus on across a timeline that works for you.

Your friendly, neighbourhood Barrie contractors are here to help!

Planning, designing, and budgeting accordingly greatly impact your ability to manage your home renovation. Getting a contractor involved earlier also greatly alleviates the stress of managing the little details like permits, finding subcontractors, or maintaining a structurally safe home.

If you’re looking for Barrie contractors to assist in your home design and renovation process, contact us today!

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