white cabinetry with gold handles

We have all been there…

Have you ever been annoyed about the design plan of your kitchen? It can be frustrating when your kitchen functionality proves to be the opposite. Crowded walkways, cabinet clashes, and cluttered shelves can make your kitchen experience a nightmare. 

Escape the nightmare, and start dreaming of your perfectly functioning kitchen!

Read on for kitchen ideas to make the most of your remodel.


Updating your kitchen cabinetry is an effective way to ensure your kitchen potential is being maximized! Choosing cabinets is often our favourite part of a remodel. There are so many options for making the most of kitchens both small and large! Some of our favourite features to look for are:

  • Deep Storage Drawers
  • Using a mix of vertical and horizontal drawer organization
  • L- shaped cabinets for pesky corners
  • Internal roll-out shelves in pantries and base cabinets
  • Hidden storage within toe kicks

kitchen cabinetry options

Visit our Kitchen portfolio to see a few examples!


Appliance Integration

When designing your kitchen, it is also a good idea to consider the appliances you need and where they can be positioned. Thinking about this at the start of your remodel, can help you use your space more optimally.

white cabinetry with pull fixtures

For smaller kitchens, it’s a good idea to see how you can place appliances so that they can serve as a double-functioning tool. For example, placing a microwave with a fan on top of your stove.

You can also integrate appliances like microwaves, dishwashers, and fridges into your cabinetry for a clean, flawless design. For your cooktop, there are so many options on the market for smooth surface and electric cooktops. They look clean, and you can place them on almost any countertop that is convenient for you.

All of these options enable you some flexibility in the layout of your kitchen and will leave you with a kitchen that is tailored to your lifestyle. 

Our Grand Harbour Kitchen project is a perfect illustration of the clean, simple look obtained by thoughtfully placing and choosing certain appliances!


The island trend will likely never die. Islands are an amazing way to increase the surface area of your kitchen. This means more cabinetry and more counter space. Islands in your kitchen also emanate an inviting feeling to guests and family. 

cabinetry with a different coloured island

When deciding on the size of your island, it is important to ensure a 36” – 42” minimum walkway all the way around. This is so that cabinetry and appliances can be opened and used, while maintaining walkways for yourself or others to walk by. It also ensures your kitchen doesn’t feel crowded as you navigate around the fixture.

See our Stanley Kitchen project for a beautiful example.

cabinetry with built-in lazy susan

Utilizing Space Effectively

Functionality is also in the details. Often it is the small things that can drive us crazy in a kitchen, but it is also the small things that you might not even notice in some kitchens that create a functional and practical environment for cooking and cleaning. Here are a few quick details to consider implementing in your kitchen remodel:

  • Make cleaning easier with a built-in waste bin with a cutting board on top.
  • Add a lazy susan or a leman’s corner unit into your cabinets to organize your cabinets and help you find things easier. See our Wasaga Sands project for an example.
  • Consider illuminating your kitchen drawers to help you see in the dark spaces.

Let us help!

We hope you feel more confident about achieving a perfect kitchen remodel after reading this article. There are so many ways to increase the functionality in your kitchen, but these are just a few of our favorite ideas. 

If you are in the Barrie area, we’d love to help you with your kitchen renovation! Contact our team here to get started with us!