outdoor kitchen cabinetry with built in bbq

Ready to Maximize your Summer?

More sunlight this time of year means we all want to spend more time outdoors and enjoy that warm breeze and bright rays. In our previous blog on Home Renovation Trends for 2022, we spoke about the rising demand for outdoor kitchens, and now we’re ready to discuss in depth why this addition makes so much sense for home renovations!

Enhanced Outdoor Entertainment

outdoor kitchen space

In Canada, we all love to make the most of the warm season. An outdoor kitchen design has the power to create an inviting place to enjoy summer with your friends and family to its full potential. These outdoor living spaces make throwing get-togethers a breeze. Whether it is your child’s birthday, a family event, or an impromptu get-together, you’ll always have a hassle-free venue to gather. These spaces often provide more space than indoors, and in the colder months, you can add a roof and firepit to enjoy it even longer!

If you are cooking for guests, you’ll cut down on transportation time between where the food is prepared and where you eat. As a host, this means you’ll also get to spend more time with your guests while everyone enjoys the atmosphere. At the end of the event, you’ll also get to return inside to a mess-free kitchen and clean home.


Increased Value of Your Home

outdoor bbq set upWe want it, and we want it now! Since outdoor kitchens have risen so much in popularity, these additions can also help your property value climb in case you decide to sell your home. Additionally, having an extra kitchen has been widely recognized to lower your utility bills as you are spending less on AC regulations indoors. 

Expanded Living Space

kitchen cabinetry outdoorsImproved versatility of your home? A space dedicated to cooking and relaxing? Entertaining with convenience?

Check. Check. Check!

Being able to spend more time outdoors has also been noted to have health benefits including

  • Cleaner eating
  • Access to fresh air
  • Decreased levels of anxiety and stress
  • Improved social interaction

Outdoor kitchens present more options for you and your family to mingle and enjoy the comfort of home while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Unlimited Functionality and Design Options

outdoor kitchen cabinetry with grillHas your indoor sink clogged or has your stove quit working? Not only does an outdoor kitchen design in your home renovation makes an excellent backup kitchen in the case of an emergency, but it also increases the functionality of your home!

As a proud dealer of NatureKast weatherproof kitchen cabinetry, we know that you want a feature like this to last and withstand all types of weather conditions. NatureKast provides outdoor kitchen furniture that will complement any smoker or kitchen appliance while being 100% weatherproof!

Your kitchen design can include everything you can possibly think of…firepits, TV installations, bar set-up…the list goes on!

What are you waiting for?

outdoor kitchen cabana areaLooking for a Barrie contractor that can make your outdoor kitchen happen with all the planning, advice, and services you need? Look no further! As members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the Simcoe County Home Builders Association, we are committed to making your dream kitchen come to life!

You can read more about us here or if you’re ready to get started contact us today!

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