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Take Your Spring Cleaning to the Next Level!

The sound of birds chirping means it is that time of year when we look at our surroundings and start clearing out our spaces. The good ol’ spring clean! But, sometimes a little more is needed to truly refresh your home and spaces. 

Is this the year you start your home renovation? If the traditional spring clean isn’t cutting it this year, we’re here to help point you in the right direction.


Your home design is top of mind, but to make it all happen you need to consider the budget required to make your plans happen. To avoid surprises, always remember that most renovations end up costing more than you originally think. So to avoid blowing your budget out of the water makes the distinction between what you really NEED and what you WANT. For example, in our Glenhuron Kitchen project, storage was a top priority. We balanced this need with timeless home design for our client. We optimized their

New waterfall kitchen island

 budget to ensure all the storage this client required was implemented in their kitchen without sacrificing elements that would bring out their personal style.

It is also necessary to consider the cost of your project versus the value you are putting back into your home. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you may need to find the balance between your renovation costs and how much you’ll be able to recoup when you sell your home, and if your renovation will actually increase this value.

Don’t forget to think long-term as well. Some features you may want to consider in your home are water-conserving fixtures and energy-efficient lighting. While some of these elements may have a larger upfront cost, in the long run, they will add value to your home while saving you money down the road. Home renovations are the perfect time to create energy-efficient improvements in your home.

Time Frame

Once your budget is set and your priorities are listed. It is time to develop a time frame. This will largely depend on the scale of your project. Adding more cosmetic renovations can increase the renovation time anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, to 6 months or more for major projects. Choosing a well-connected contractor will make all the difference when it comes to sourcing materials in a timely manner. 

If you are focusing on a bathroom or kitchen renovation, keep in mind that the remodelling process may interfere with your day-to-day activities. Be sure to prioritize these areas, so you can get back to your routines! See our Penvil Bathroom project for inspiration on your bathroom renovation.

Expect The Unexpected

Newly renovated bathroom with a large bath tubSometimes things don’t always go as planned. Doing your research, hiring trusted contractors, and budgeting correctly will help you prepare for any speed bumps. Often projects can run longer than anticipated and cost more. This is why it is suggested that you factor in an extra 10-15% of your budget to cover any of these costs if they do come up. 

When it comes to your timeline, unfortunately, some things can’t be planned for – but you can prepare yourself! Research any circumstances that may affect your project like

  • Weather
  • Supply chain delays
  • Availability of custom materials

Always set aside time and budget to take the pressure off your home renovation!

Hire a Professional VS. DIY

If you have the skills, time, and interest, you may consider doing parts of your renovation yourself. You can easily stretch your renovation dollars by doing this, but some things will require aOutdoor living area professional. Mechanical and structural changes can be time-consuming and require permits and expertise to ensure the safety of your home for you and your family. 

Painting and landscaping details are often a safe bet for all those DIYers out there. 

Let’s revitalize your home together!

We know a home renovation can be a major investment and finding the right professional who can work with budget and timeframe can be difficult. By working with us, we will work with you throughout the whole process to turn your dreams into a reality. 

If you’re looking for a contractor in Barrie and surrounding areas, contact us today!


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