Step into the epitome of inclusive design with our ‘Nicklaus Universal Design Bathroom’. This space is not only a triumph of style but a beacon of accessibility. Meticulously crafted to accommodate every individual’s needs, this bathroom represents the pinnacle of universal design.

Seamlessly Safe and Stylish:

Our Bathroom at Nicklaus integrates safety into its sleek aesthetic. The spacious walk-in shower, highlighted by its textured, non-slip tiles, ensures comfort and stability for all ages. Here, elegance meets practicality, creating a secure yet stylish bathing experience.

Innovative and Accessible Vanity:

The minimalist vanity extends gracefully across the room, offering generous space for effortless use. Its streamlined form, with under-sink clearance, caters to users of varying mobility, making it a centerpiece of universal appeal. High-contrast edges define the sink area, aiding visibility and independence.

Modern Fixtures for Easy Use:

Modern fixtures in this bathroom speak volumes of our commitment to convenience. Lever faucets, easy-to-grasp handles, and intuitive design allow for smooth operation, ensuring the bathroom is a welcoming space for all.

Design That Welcomes Everyone:

This bathroom shatters barriers with its open design and ample turning radius, inviting wheelchair users to navigate with ease. It’s a space where safety features blend seamlessly into the background, offering an uncluttered, tranquil environment that doesn’t feel clinical.

A Bathroom for All Stages of Life:

This Nicklaus Universal Design Bathroom is more than just a room; it’s a long-term investment in your home. With features that support aging-in-place, it adapts to life’s changes, providing comfort and independence at every stage.

Join the Universal Design Movement:

Embrace a bathroom that’s built to welcome everyone. Whether renovating for specific needs or future-proofing your home, this renovation offers a template for living without limits. Contact us to discover how universal design can elevate your home’s accessibility and style. Here at Total Living Concepts, we have 2 National Kitchen and Bath Association Certified Bathroom Designers, meaning they have the skills and expertise in Universal design. Our Operations Manager, David Clark also is certified by the Canadian Home Builders Association as an ‘Adaptiv’ Renovation Specialist.

Lead Designer : Celeste Pilon, CKBD, BCIN