small bathroom remodels

Small Bathroom? No worries!

Have you thought your bathrooms are too small to stay both functional and stylish? Well, this blog is meant for you. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, whether it is a powder room or full ensuite, you want yourself and your guests to feel comfortable and clean in the space. 

It’s important to us that you feel that your bathroom is bigger than it is and we have bathroom ideas that will make the most of any space. If you are in the middle of or planning for a bathroom remodel, keep reading!

Illusions of  Larger Spaces

Often in design, there are simple elements we can incorporate to create the illusion of larger spaces. Here are our small bathroom ideas!

glass shower bathroom remodel

Keep it Light and Bright

This is a great place to start for any budget. Picking bright, neutral tones will invite more light into your room. In addition, this will help the space feel cleaner while accenting your carefully picked fixtures. White is popular for the pristine, fresh, and crisp feeling while blues can give you the feeling of a day trip to the spa. 

Glossy Finishings and Lines

You’ve likely heard ideas like adding large mirrors to open spaces up. Now, why not use semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes on fixtures to capture the same effect. The concept works the same way, the reflective surfaces will bounce light in your bathroom, making it appear larger. Not to mention these finishes look elegant and modern in any bathroom.

two-toned shower tile

Using vertical lines in your design will help the ceilings in your bathroom feel taller, while horizontal lines help the room feel longer. Stand-up showers with long glass shower doors will help amplify these effects, as less obstructions to your sight lines will help your eyes flow through the space.


bathroom vanity cabinetry

Reducing Surface Area Usage

Reducing the footprint of the bathroom fixture is essential in any bathroom remodel. Not only will you leave more open space, but you’ll also end up with a cleaner, more minimalist look that works best for small bathrooms. 

Consider using hooks for hanging robes and towels. These take up less space than the traditional towel racks, especially when placed strategically.

If you are choosing a smaller sink to fit in your bathroom, consider the next few points.

Wall-mounted faucets are great bathroom hacks. They will reduce clutter on your countertops, leaving more space to use in your powder room. You can also opt for under-the-sink storage spaces. Drawers that pull out can also maximize your storage potential.


Ready to get started?

Don’t let your square footage, or lack of it, get in the way of designing the bathroom of your dreams. By using bright, glossy elements, and strategically choosing fixtures that will maximize your space you can achieve the bathroom renovation that would have the property brothers drooling!

Let us help with your bathroom design. We can solve all your design challenges and turn your dream into a reality!

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