Tips and Tricks for Small Bathroom Renovations

Tackling small bathroom renovations? Total Living Concepts is here to guide you through maximizing space with style. Here’s how to make a significant impact in a compact area:

Opt for Space-Saving Fixtures

Firstly, choose fixtures that save space. Wall-mounted sinks and toilets create an open feel. A corner shower or compact tub frees up room while remaining fully functional.

Beautiful floating integrated cabinetry – Small Bathroom Renovations

Incorporate Smart Storage

Clutter makes a small space feel tighter. So, add clever storage like floating shelves, tucked-away baskets, or vanities with storage. Keep everything tidy and hidden with in-wall cabinets or sleek medicine cabinets.

Brighten with Light Colors

Next, use light colors to open up the room. Light tiles and paints make the area feel airy. Add mirrors to reflect light and visually expand the space.

Add Colorful Floors

Don’t be afraid of color. Bright floors can make a small bathroom vibrant and full of life. Colorful tiles or a fresh coat of paint can infuse energy into your space.

Be Bold with Design Even with limited space, you can still be bold. An accent wall, unique lighting, or patterned tiles can all add character. Small areas offer the perfect canvas for bold statements.

At Total Living Concepts, we excel in small bathroom renovations. We provide fixtures that save space, clever storage solutions, and design choices that personalize your space. Let’s create your dream bathroom together.

  1. Bright coloured floors make this small bathroom POP – Small Bathroom Renovations