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Your Very Own Oasis

Have you had a spa experience that had you wishing for more? Well, a bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity to bring a piece of tranquillity to your own space! Soothe the senses and prioritize your well-being by considering these top trends for a spa-like, bathroom experience!

Heated Floors

heated bathroom flooring

We’ve all been shocked by the icy feel of a bathroom floor after an otherwise relaxing shower. Heated flooring is your solution to ensuring comfort at all stages of your bathroom use. Heated floors are also known as radiant flooring systems which utilize either electric or hydronic heating systems to radiate heat through your bathroom flooring medium. These systems can have a larger upfront installation cost but often lead to efficiencies in comparison to most HVAC units. On top of this, they are low maintenance, noiseless, and will keep your toes cozy!


Soaker Tubs

soaker tubThere are some major health benefits associated with soaking in a tub. Some of these include improved blood circulation, reduced arthritis pain, and stress/anxiety reduction! The list of benefits goes on… but for you homeowners who lead busy lives, this is the right investment for you.  A tub gives you the opportunity to make time for yourself and take a dip when it is best for your schedule. 

These days freestanding tubs are also some of the easiest fixtures to install in your home while also acting as a beautiful focal point in your bathroom. Our Snow Valley project is just one example of this design impact!

Steam Showers

steam shower in bathroom renovationThere are many of us who enjoy the benefits of saunas or steam rooms. Some of the benefits associated with these fixtures are easing nasal congestion, blood circulation after exercise, and removal of toxins from the body through the skin!

However, owning an at-home sauna often seems like an unnecessary expense. This is why steam showers have come to be popular. Steam showers are self-contained units that provide the benefits of a steam room or sauna while also fulfilling practical day-to-day needs! Much like heated flooring, they require a larger upfront cost but lead to water bill savings and immeasurable health benefits!


If you’re making your bathroom a spa oasis, you’ll need places to keep your favourite self-care and toiletries. Extra storage in your bathroom is always needed and always appreciated by our clients. 

bathroom cabinetry storageWith your bathroom renovation, it is important to consider the bathroom cabinetry that will suit your needs! There are so many fantastic ways to make the most of your space’s size.  The right shelving and cabinets can create hidden spaces for laundry hampers and towel storage. It’s a great way to rid your space of clutter and busy medicine cabinets. You can also design the cabinetry to double up as counter space for doing makeup or other self-care activities. You might even have your bathroom cabinetry climb your walls for extra storage space. 

Your spa-inspired bathrooms will have a place for anything and everything you might need. 

Unique Fixtures

bathroom fixturesThe last thing to think about when designing your at-home oasis is what feeling you want your space to emanate and what design elements will foster a tranquil and relaxing environment. This will be anything from mirrors to lighting, to faucet fixtures. These little things will make your bathroom the place you want to spend your whole day in. Additionally, it is a great time to showcase your personality in a space that is just yours!

In our Glenhuron Ensuite Bath Renovation personalized mirrors and backsplash, and tiling was incorporated to create a statement wall in a bright, open, and modern space while being anchored by darker accents. 

Build your haven of relaxation!

marble bathroom designYour bathroom paradise is just a few decisions away…and we’re ready to help you with the whole process. As award-winning and CHBA-certified renovators, we are committed to helping you with the bathroom remodel of your dreams.



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