an outdoor kitchen with cabinetry and a BBQ

Tis’ the season to prepare for cooler temperatures!

The leaves are falling and the breeze is crisp. As Canadians, we are no strangers to preparing our homes for the cold. If you’ve made an investment in your home design by including an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to take care of that investment by winterizing all your appliances and furniture. 

Your Checklist:outdoor kitchen

It can be hard to keep track of all the winterizing tasks, so we’ve made a checklist for you! Here is what you need to think about:

#1 – Shut off the water supply

outdoor kitchen cabinetry and faucetShutting off the water supply to your outdoor kitchen is the most important step in preserving your plumbing. Forgetting to do this, leads to the risk of water freezing solid in your pipes. Expanding water then leads to burst pipes and the threat of large-scale water damage. To avoid this, be sure to locate your water valve and shut it off.

#2 – Drain outdoor faucets

Related to the above task, being sure to drain your outdoor kitchen faucets is important in preserving their lifespan. Again trapped water will only cause problems for you when temperatures freeze. You can do this by removing hoses or connections and then, once you have closed your water shut-off valve,  turning your faucet to full blast until the water trickles to a stop. 

#3 – Clean and polish appliances and surfacesoutdoor kitchen cabinetry

Come spring, you’ll want to be working with a clean, ready-to-go kitchen. This means wiping down sinks, faucets, fridges, etc. before you store them away. Additionally, with proper care, you can extend the life of your appliances. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions can be made using white vinegar and water. Polishing the appliances will lock in the freshness of your appliances and keep them protected during the cold, humid months (especially if you are located in Barrie, Ontario).  

cabinetry with a built-in BBQ#4 – Turn off the gas line

Another essential step to your outdoor kitchen maintenance is ensuring that you’ve shut off your gas line to appliances if you don’t plan on using them throughout the winter months. 

#5 – Remove all food

It is important to empty out your cabinetry and fridge of all food. There are two significant reasons for this. Firstly, no one likes to deal with rotten and spoiled food when they’re getting ready for the next warm season. Secondly, it helps keep critters and crawlers out of your backyard. Keep unexpected guests away during those colder months.  

#6 – Cover all furniture, cabinetry, and countertops

The last step on your winterizing list is to protect your appliances, cabinetry and surfaces by covering them. Be sure to do this with material specially made for cold temperatures and humidity. This will keep your appliances cozy and safe from the elements. 

Ready for winter?oversized outdoor kitchen with cabinetry

We hope this task list helps you feel ready for the cold! If you don’t already have your own outdoor kitchen, we know you might be researching the maintenance behind them. As you can see, very little is required beyond your typical home fall maintenance. Outdoor kitchens make a great addition to your home renovation plans!

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