Lakeside renovation project featured on This Kinda Life.  Here is what they had to say about the project:

“Our design experts, Total Living Concepts are back with a gorgeous renovation of a home on Lake Simcoe. Have a peek inside at the large island, a laundry room of dreams and an award winning powder room.

Glen Prairie and his team didn’t just update the home. They went in an completely transformed it, by moving stairs, walls and rooms. Glen said he sat down with the home owners and found they were big time foodies and needed a kitchen fit for people who loved to cook. With wall ovens and a gas range with six burners, that’s just the tip of the glorious iceberg. Drawers for spices, a hidden fridge, a very large island and a coffee bar. If you know TKL, you know we love coffee, so sign us up for one of those!!

The home features a large laundry room that is not only beautiful, but very functional. Benches and drying racks as well as cupboards galore. Everything has a spot.

Move to the office with wall to wall shelves and a view of Lake Simcoe. That’s a place to work!

The home is gorgeous and reflects the owners’ needs. Plus, we are seriously in love with it.”