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Whether you are currently living in a small home that lacks closet storage, or you are trying to find the perfect place for all things essential to you – the first step is to get organized. The best way to accomplish this is through design and renovation. A quick re-design of your current home can quickly optimize storage in areas you would least expect – And look great too! 

In this blog, we will take you through some great ideas that can help inspire a stylish new way to create storage for your home. From cabinetry to shelves, and everything in between, we can help give you the right ideas to get the extra storage space you need! 

Planning Your Space

A great place to start is visually plan the current space to work with. What are the areas you can work within your home, or what storage option would work best given the space you have? With that said, built-in cabinets help organize any space.

custom built cabinetry for living area with a built in bench

 Built-in cabinets allow you to customize the cabinetry to best fit your needs, and the style you are wanting and you can purchase many different accessories to organize your cabinets better (drawers, slide-outs, baskets) – home renovations have never been easier! Some great examples of how to utilize built-in cabinets are under-the-window bench cabinets, columned room divider cabinets, walk-in closet cabinets and drawers. 

If however, planning is the piece you are finding the most challenging – then ask a professional. The design team at Total Living Concepts can help plan, build and turn those desires of space into a reality. Find out more on this page of our website. 


unique built in shelves

Built-in Shelves

If you are looking for a simpler method – then start with shelving! Built-in shelves allow optimization of vertical space on an open wall. These can be placed virtually anywhere and allows for quick open storage wherever needed. Due to the flexibility of style, built-in shelves can be customized perfectly to your space. This includes colour, size, length and so much more. Perfect examples of built-in shelving would include hallway shelves, walk-in closet shelves, display units, and bookcases. Home design with built-in shelving can quickly create a space that is organized and styled perfectly for you.


built into the wall pantry

Opposite to a cabinet, this storage option is built into a recessed area, often between two studs for structural integrity. A built-in niche allows for optimized space because it is built into the wall, compared to a cabinet or shelf, where the unit sticks out. The best part of a built-in niche is the personality. Home design gets creative with this storage option, as design options could include an alcove with a storage bench or desk, a staircase wine cellar, a bathroom shower niche, or even knee-wall dressers. On top of that, what you choose to fill the space is completely up to you! 

We have a great team of general contractors, design consultants and carpenters for home renovations in Barrie, Ontario that can help with a wide range of home improvement, home design and other projects. Find out more about our Barrie and area contractors at Total Living Concepts here


modern tiled fireplace

If you are looking for a less permanent option for a full new home renovation, then consider adding in some new furniture.

This option allows you to easily move the storage unit from space to space. This works especially well if you are living in a space where you cannot build storage options. Creative furniture options are free Standing cabinets, bookcases, ottomans, tables or beds with storage under it. No matter your goal for home design, or home renovation, furniture is a simple method to spruce up any space.


From built-in cabinets, shelves, niche and furniture, there are many options to help you create the space, and accommodate for the storage you need. 

At Total Living Concepts, we can help solve any challenges you might encounter when looking for storage. We offer revitalizing home design and home renovation services created for comfort and functionality for any type of home renovation including kitchens and bathrooms. We take the difficulties out of home renovations and home design by working with you the whole process. 

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