White Kitchen design with black matte fixtures

Planning for your Kitchen Remodel

Asking yourself some important questions is the first step in planning your kitchen renovation, no matter the scale of the project. We’re here to help you ask the right questions and prepare to make your design dream a reality. 

Let’s get started!

What design works best with my space?

Remodeling your kitchen means you get to start from scratch if you really want to! If that’s the case, you’ll be choosing what layouts make the most sense for your space. You’ll want to eliminate any limitations you experience in your current design.  Some of the more layouts we’re loving and that you’ll want to consider for your kitchen are

  • The inviting L-shape kitchen layout which is perfect for social cooks and big families 
  • The private U-shape kitchen layout which gives you extra counter space and storage
  • The classic mid-kitchen island which can turn your kitchen into a multifunctional spacekitchen cabinetry configuration options

    What finish should my paint, counters, backsplash, and flooring have?

    The longevity of your kitchen design is highly dependent on the quality and type of finishings you choose. From paint to countertops, to the backsplash, to flooring… You want these elements to provide style while keeping up with the work you’ll be doing in the kitchen.

    Satin finishes are well known for showing the least amount of grit and dirt. However, semi-gloss and gloss are best for resisting mould and mildew in more humid climates.

    textured backsplash behind stoveLinoleum and ceramic tile remain the top choice for those looking for easy-to-clean flooring. However many still choose vinyl as a less expensive option.

    When it comes to countertops, the classic quartz countertop is still very popular. Quartz mimics the upscale look of more expensive stone but requires less maintenance. We’re also seeing a number of people incorporating a wood butcher block into their kitchen design.

    With backsplash design we’re encouraging our clients to have fun. Glass tile invites unique and modern designs into your space. Check out our Castle Kitchen project which demonstrates a clean yet personality-filled kitchen. 

    How will my kitchen cabinetry accommodate my appliances?

    Modern kitchen design with unique light fixturesStarting a kitchen remodel is the optimal time to plan for the accessibility and functionality of your kitchen appliances. This centers largely around where you want your appliances and how your cabinetry fits around them. Whether you decide to keep your existing appliances or choose new ones, it is important to design cabinetry that flawlessly integrates with them. This will enhance your kitchen experience. 

    Many people choose to hide certain appliances, like fridges, by installing kitchen cabinetry that fits over the top of them. This provides a clean design.

    Can you guess where the fridge is in our Grand Harbour Kitchen?

    What style am I going for?

    Your kitchen should reflect your style while adding to the ambiance of your home. It is, after all, the heart of the home. Today there are so many styles people can choose from. Some opt for the clean and minimalist modern style, while some prefer the more rustic style. What we see rising in popularity are farmhouse motifs. This involves plenty of exposed wood features and a variety of eclectic finishes to create a comfortable and lived-in look. There can be dramatic differences in the finished appearance of your space depending on the small details that bring your style. It’s important to research what finishing and features will add to your desired style.

    Check out the contrast between our Jodies Kitchen and our Stanley Kitchen projects.

    rustic vs modern kitchen design

    Will my kitchen be up to code?

    It is important when you start planning your kitchen renovation that everything falls under code requirements in your jurisdiction. This ensures safety and ease of sale if you plan on selling your home. Elements to watch for are:

    • Appliance circuitry designed to prevent shorts and fires
    • Ceiling height
    • Hallway width
    • Drainage systems

    Exact code requirements can change frequently so it is best to enlist an experienced contractor who will be familiar with all the latest changes and specifications.

    Still have questions? We have answers!

    Do you still have questions you can’t quite answer by yourself? We are happy to help work through all your kitchen renovation logistics and provide clarity on your project. 

    From design to adherence to code, we have experienced Barrie contractors with award-winning solutions waiting for you to contact us!

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