Home Renovation Trends For 2022

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Wondering how to stay on-trend with your home renovation?

For many of us, the start of a new year brings on new plans, new projects, and new ideas! This year’s trends are largely inspired by the need to make our living spaces as comfortable and functional as possible. Many of us are spending more time at home than we have in previous years, and a renovation is a perfect solution to refreshing a tired space.

We are excited to be sharing some of the trends we are watching for your home design. Read on!

Home Officesbuilt in cabinetry systems

With the world of work evolving as people transition into fully remote or hybrid work models, there is a precedented need for home offices. A home office helps you maintain a work/life balance. Additionally, you can decorate your home office like you never could in an office building.

If you have an extra room in your home that doesn’t get much use, consider renovating it into an office! You can have fun with custom cabinetry that will feature your personality while providing helpful organization in your space.

Check out our Blake Custom Cabinetry Project in Barrie, Ontario.

Visit our Kitchen portfolio to see a few examples!

Amplifying Exterior Spaces

pergola for home remodelA key aspect of 2022 trends is ensuring that you create an exterior space that is functional. Some ways to ensure this include structures like awnings. These structures are aesthetically pleasing while also providing sun protection. Make the structures as small or large as you like!

Additionally, these structures make the perfect cover for outdoor kitchens. We have seen a recent spike in the number of outdoor kitchens requested by clients as they are great for outdoor entertaining.

Adding Texture

2022 interior design is largely influenced by trends in the fashion industry. This year we are seeing a revival of bouclé fabrics (mixed-material fabrics), plaster finishes, and lime-washing.

open concept home remodel

Adding texture can be done everywhere from your wall finishings to your choice of carpeting or furniture. The key will be to focus on the appropriate layers that will add your own personality to your home renovation.

You can start as simple as having a feature wall that incorporates some of these new, trendy finishing touches and continue to layer on the texture with your window dressings, and rugs.

See our Marsellus Living Room project as an example of these simple additions that can really bring texture and personality into a space!

“Alexa, Turn on the Lights!”

In today’s world, we can increase the efficiency of our homes through automated systems that provide both convenience and energy-saving facilities. Integrating your home’s furnace system with a nest can ensure the appropriate temperature in each room, and can be controlled when you’re not home through an app. There is the option to introduce smart devices like lightbulbs, LED lighting, and fireplaces that can be controlled through apps and voice commands. 

Natural Lighting

With the average person now spending more time at home, we are seeing a demand for spaces that invite in more natural light. When you embark on your home renovation, especially in areas like your kitchen and bathroom, it is a great opportunity to use lighter paints and semi-gloss finishing that reflect light around your space.

wood accents in white kitchen remodel

Depending on the scale of your home renovation, it may also be the opportune time to open up windows and doorways, making them larger to invite more light into the home!

Check out our Muskoka Lakes Cottage project which captures the impact of natural lighting in a space!

Being Bold but Modern

Probably the most important and sometimes daunting task in any home design or renovation project is deciding on the elements that are going to create a trendy, yet timeless space that is a reflection of your personal style.

textured fireplace design

If you want to stay bold in your renovation, consider using retro designs like patterned or textured walls, curved elements, while using neutral colours. This will ensure a striking impact, but ensure that you will not get tired of the space with time. 

One of our favourite projects demonstrating this is our Grand Harbour renovation

Ready to tackle your home renovation?

We hope these trends inspire you as you charge ahead in your new year projects. We know how important it is to make your living space as functional and beautiful as possible. Collectively, we have all been spending lots of time at home, so 2022 is the perfect time to revitalize your home! 

Our design team is always happy to help you address any challenges you may encounter!

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