bathroom cabinetry with his and her sinks and textured backsplash by the sitting vanity

Are you embarking on your home renovation?

There are many elements you need to consider when undertaking a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Cabinets can often be a focal point while also adding functionality to your space. Don’t discount the importance of your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry as the main design feature. Read on! 

Cabinetry and Room Layout

The layout of your cabinetry is an essential part of planning your bathroom or kitchen remodel. There are a number of things to consider when planning the layout:

cabinetry considerations

Functionality. What design of cabinets is going to best maximize the functionality that you desire in your kitchen or bathroom? How will the cabinets fit within the new layout? Be certain that the new cabinets won’t hinder the use of any appliances. Will they be able to operate fully?  

Not ready for a full renovation? Sometimes refacing your cabinetry and adding new accessories to your existing cabinets may sufficiently maximize your cabinet usage. When picking accessories to add, you’ll want to consider how the updates can optimize storage. These can be Leman’s corners, lazy susans, specialty cabinet pull-outs, or drawer organizers for spices and/or utensils. In the bathroom, custom organizers built for organizing specific items like toilet paper, cosmetics, and towels will help to clear your space and add convenient storage.

Kitchen cabinetry with textured backsplash

Appliance Integration. When designing the layout of your kitchen cabinetry especially, you need to keep in mind where appliances are going to be placed and how the cabinetry around them will be affected. What types of cabinets or drawers will you need around certain appliances. For example, having bottom cabinet drawers for pots and pans near your oven is an optimal solution for kitchen cabinetry. 


bathroom cabinetry design

Storage Required. Before adding to your existing cabinetry or deciding on a whole new design, consider how much storage space you currently use and how much more space you would like to add to add future storage needs. To maximize your storage you may want to build your cabinets deeper and taller.

Traffic Flow. Don’t miss details like which way the cabinet door opens, or how much space it occupies when opened. Cabinetry, while looking flawless when closed, can cause unnecessary traffic blockages when opened. Addressing this during the design of your remodel will ensure a flawlessly functional kitchen or bathroom. 


Aesthetic checklist

cabinetry with glass doors

Material. The options are endless! Veneer, Laminate, Hardwood, Glass, MDF. Each of these options adds a different stylistic appeal, and a combination of materials can add personality to your space. 

Hardware. Will you choose knobs, pulls, edge pulls, or touch latches? What is more practical for your kitchen use and style? If you choose an exposed option, the next question becomes what finish do you want? Brushed nickel, chrome, brass, gold, or matte black? Often we like to match the hardware to the appliances, like faucets or fridges, to add a consistent look across the room! Our Victoria Ensuite bathroom project features beautiful edge pulls, adding to a clean sophisticated look!

Kitchen design with the use of two different coloured cabinetry

Colour. Colour is a powerful tool to transform a space. Lighter colours help the room feel larger while dark colours add depth to a room. A new trend has been to introduce both aspects by implementing duo-toned cabinetry. Check out our Therese Kitchen project as an example. 

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