Beverage Centre

Thrush Beverage CentreOne of the most rewarding elements of a home renovation is indulging in something you love – and for me, it’s the perfect cup of joe! For my partner, it is the perfect scotch.

Whether you like to indulge in specialty coffees and cappuccinos, or you desire chilled wine and sweet liquors, a well-designed beverage centre can start your day or end your night on just the right note.

Beverage centres have become quite popular in new and existing homes. Completely customizable, the possibilities for your creative space are endless, but planning is key!

Stock your beverage centre with these traditional treasures.

  • Espresso / Coffee Maker
  • Bar Fridge
  • Wine Cooler
  • Stemware
  • Ice Maker
  • Sink
  • Storage

It’s The Little Things

Space can be a premium in small spaces. Use simple tricks to help keep things in their place such as:

  • Hang a chalk or cork board for a message centre
  • Install cubboards to store small appliances, coffee bean grinders, etc.
  • Store k-cups, serving trays and platters in pull-out drawers

Top Of Mind

Whether you are having an intimate dinner party or hosting a group of twenty, your beverage station should include all of the essentials to make your entertaining experience perfect. Here are some elements to think about including as part of your next renovation project.

  • Install an espresso machine with a constant water feed that refills automatically
  • Under mount sinks and stainless steel wine fridge make for a complete beverage experience
  • Ensure that bar fridge has enough clearance underneath and is properly ventilated.

Beverage Bar

Bar Fridge       Beverage Machine