When we think about an office or workspace, many of us think about computers, desks, chairs and more obvious items like stationery supplies. What about comfort, productivity and focus? How do you improve these? 

A workspace is literally a space in which to work. It can be used by children, teens, college students or parents working from home. From small home offices to large office buildings, there is a science to creating the perfect workspace. 

In this blog, we discuss the 5 factors that you should think about when creating a workspace, at home or elsewhere.


There are many types of light but which ones are best for a workspace? Natural lighting is ALWAYS the best. It is easier on the eyes and has a lot of benefits for the mind and body. Improved focus and more clarity, as well as the ability to concentrate longer, are just a few of the amazing things natural light can help with. Larger windows and skylights offer a way to take advantage of natural light without overwhelming your senses with too much.

Extra lighting can be useful if you do not have a lot of windows for natural light but it should be used sparingly, to avoid making your space too bright. Lamps with dimmers have been proven to be the most efficient at creating a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for increased focus and less stress while you work. 

“Excessively bright lights can be distracting for workers as it takes longer to focus their eyes on computer screens.” https://www.workspacedesign.co.uk/the-rise-of-activity-based-workspaces/


Lighting has a huge impact on productivity, but so does colour! 

Colour and its intensity can have a HUGE impact psychologically and our perceptions, emotions and energy levels can be influenced by colour. 

Texture, saturation and sheen can also affect your workspace. Glossy paint can increase energy while low saturation colours are much less stimulating that more vivid ones.

You could paint just one wall and add some furniture pieces in your chosen accent colour. Artwork, desk accessories, and pillows are a great way to add splashes of colour, without overwhelming the senses.

Digital synopsis goes into much more detail about colour! Check out their infographic before settling on colour choices – The Best Colors for Productivity and Creativity in your Workspace


A general guideline for workspace temperature, or thermal comfort, is 22-24°C degrees Celsius. Having an efficient HVAC system will help maintain optimal temperatures throughout the days and the seasons. During the summer the optimal temperature range is 23-26°C, while winter conditions have an optimal range of 20-23.5°C. 

When thinking about renovations or construction, the size of the space, as well as how many people are in it, will help determine the best system for your needs and help keep it comfortable all year.

“Maintaining constant thermal conditions in the offices is important. Even minor deviation from comfort may be stressful and affect performance and safety. Workers already under stress are less tolerant of uncomfortable conditions.” – CCOHS – Thermal Comfort


Did you know that having plants in your workspace can help keep you healthier and give you a much-needed boost? A plant can help remove up to 87% of the toxins in your air including benzene, formaldehyde and other substances. By creating an improved indoor air quality, plants help you stay healthy all year and have shown to reduce sick days when used in a workspace. They also add humidity, ensuring your space is not too dry or stuffy. 

Another great benefit of plants is the increased ability to focus which allows you to generate new ideas, concentrate longer and boost your productivity. 

Not sure what types of plants to use? Read this great blog by Pro Flowers – The 15 Best Plants for Your Office and the Science Behind It

Type of space

Will you be working from home, in an office or in a larger space with other people? Perhaps you need to work in peace and need to be able to close the door or ensure you have a quiet space. If you like being around other people and don’t mind distractions, a multi-purpose space might be more suitable. Whichever you choose, there is a way to ensure it is the ideal space for your needs. 

Are the kids going off to university and leaving an empty room or maybe you purchased an old office space and need to spruce it up a bit? Renovations can be a great way to repurpose an old room or space that is not used as much. It can also save you money and time, getting you back to work quicker. Think about how it will be used before deciding on final plans and take into account how many people will be in the space as well as how it will be divided, if at all.

Do you want to gain some health benefits while you work? Another great option, that also allows you to retake advantage of all the natural benefits from sunlight and fresh air, is a sunroom or patio enclosure. These outdoor living spaces make the ideal workspaces by giving you a ton of benefits for your body and mind. From increased focus and productivity to improved grades and quality of work, there are so many benefits from working outside.

Want to learn more about the natural benefits of working outside? Read this blog to find out: Work, Study & Unwind With Okanagan Covertec

Whether you are renovating an old room, constructing an addition, building a new home with a dedicated workspace or designing your new office building, talk to your contractor about lighting, colours and thermal comfort. Give yourself, your family, and your employees the best chance of success by ensuring you have the right balance of light, temperature, texture and colour. Throw in some plants, strategic splashes of artwork and ensure that everyone has the level of privacy they need. You are now on your way to a beneficial space for everyone.

If you are ready to take your workspace to the next level, we are ready to help you every step of the way. 

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