Kitchens and Bathrooms: 10 signs you need to remodel or renovate

We have all been there…frustrated because of space constraints, lack of functionality or a growing family. By remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, you can change it from frustrating to fantastic. There are obvious signs, such as mold, mildew and water damage, but there are some signs that are more aesthetic, such as more space, storage, and functionality.

Full renovations aren’t always needed, sometimes a small remodeling project can update your space and replace the affected or damaged areas. Call our renovation experts to determine how extensive the repairs and renovations will be.

1) Health Concerns – Mold, mildew or water damage

This is a pretty obvious one. When you can’t control the mold, you still have lead pipes or have a leak you didn’t know about until it was too late, it’s time to think about renovating the space.

In bathrooms, moisture can cause numerous health issues when mold and mildew start to take over. Grout may seem impossible to clean and stay black or a dark colour. Breathing problems and other health issues can follow you when you inhale mold spores or drink from pipes that are rusty, old or require updating.

2) Safety features (Seniors, disability, children)

Life changes can be a good reason to renovate your space. Having children can change the use of the space and could require some updates to make it usable for your family. Senior homeowners might require simpler spaces or safety features such as handrails, sit showers or have things placed at a certain height.

Perhaps a family member has had an accident, or you have purchased a home that requires some additional assistive devices such as wheelchair ramps. Wider doorways, wheelchair height counters and assistive devices in the bathroom can help them gain confidence and be more independent.

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3) Old or not to code

Sometimes we just need new stuff! Maybe your dishwasher or stove is 20 years old and you are ready for a new one. If your bathtub and sink are cracked, rusty or unsightly due to age, then a small renovation may be a good decision for you. Having appliances or features that do not follow current building codes will require updates, especially if you have been told by a home inspector about them.

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4) More storage space

Does your bathroom or kitchen feel like a junk bin? Perhaps you find that you can’t find enough space for your towels, dishes, and other items that live in these areas. Upgrading cabinets and storage space in your kitchen and bathroom are key to having a more relaxed space. Clutter creates stress, why not remodel to ensure you have enough storage for everything.

5) Electrical and lighting issues

No one likes light bulbs that constantly burn out, or fuses that blow constantly when you have too many things going at once. It can be dangerous to leave electrical issues unchecked as they can ultimately lead to fires. Rewiring your electrical will help to solve the electrical issues, while new fixtures will breath new life into your kitchen and bathroom.

New lighting will give your space a whole new look and feel. If you use your bathroom mirror for makeup or you like a lot of light while cooking, you know how important the right lighting is. There are so many options that can give you the ambiance you want. Updating old lighting or bad lighting will enhance your bathroom or kitchen.

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6) Better look and feel (update the design)

Sometimes you just want an upgrade! There are many reasons people just decide to update their space. Unattractive and outdated spaces are usually renovated because the owner just wants it to look different. You should always love your home, including the bathroom and kitchen. Our experts can take your space from ‘boohoo’ to ‘woohoo’ in no time!

7) Energy efficiency

The trend these days is moving toward energy efficiency in every aspect of the home. If you have high monthly bills, outdated appliances, running toilets and other inefficient elements in your kitchen or bathroom, it is definitely time to think about renovating.

8) Increase home value

When you are ready to sell your home, renovating it beforehand can increase the sale value. By fixing, updating and replacing elements in your kitchen and bathroom, a potential buyer will be assured that these areas won’t need repairs in the near future, meaning they can enjoy the space more…and spend less on renovations.

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9) Functional layout

If you are finding it difficult to do the things you love to do because of lack of space, missing features or the layout just isn’t working, it’s time for a renovation.

When your bathroom or kitchen is cramped and crowded, it’s time to consider a new layout that optimizes the space you have, into one that is functional for your family. Your home is your castle, make it work for you and your lifestyle. Our award-winning designers can take your space and create something that will give you the functionality that you need, while also providing extra space.

Check out our blog From Disjointed to Functional and learn how we helped the Earl family create a functional home.

10) Have the money to do what you want

It’s your home, you can do whatever you want to it. Some people renovate because they have the money to do it. If you had the power to make your dream bathroom or kitchen come to life right now…wouldn’t you do it? People have been known to tear entire houses down and rebuild them, all because they just didn’t like it in the end. Not many people have this ability, but if you had the means to take your Pinterest wish list and turn it into your reality, then you should definitely consider it.

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No matter the reasons you have to renovate, you can count on Total Living Concepts to transform your space.

From minor remodeling to major renovations, our team of experts will have you enjoying every square inch of your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you are doing it for health and safety reasons, want to be more energy-efficient or require some updating before selling your home, renovations are always a great way to breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom.

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Call us today for a kitchen or bathroom consultation and we will take your space and transform it into a place you actually want to be in.


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