Organization and storage with cabinetry in Barrie

Space…the final frontier to get sorted in a home. From expanding families and life changes to upsizing and downsizing, making space for all your important items can seem to be an endless issue. If finding cluttered counters and overstuffed closets everywhere are frustrating you, it is time to call Total Living Concepts. Our team of storage experts offers unique and functional storage solutions for your home and your life. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”?

cabinetry in closets and laundry rooms

This basically means, that if everything you have has a spot, you will always know where it is, and where it goes. Give your belongings a place and never lose them in the depths of a junk drawer or packed closet again.

Bedrooms, garages, and closets frequently become black holes, and your belongings start to go missing. When we have something that doesn’t fit anywhere, we will typically put it anywhere that will fit! Which just creates more problems than it solves.

Are there tons of shoes piling up at your door? Is your child’s room always unruly? Do you have an extensive wardrobe that needs taming? 

These are common problems that many families face and it is usually caused by a lack of space. Having the right storage solution can turn even the smallest space into a Pinterest worthy post. 

Some of the storage options available are:

unique cabinetry additions

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and living areas accumulate clutter, usually on surfaces, BUT they never seem to have enough room or storage, to begin with…do they? 

With a variety of custom pull-outs, cabinet storage options, and customizable features, we can turn your most frequently used spaces into organized havens. Reach items easier, adjust the shelves to your perfect height and never deal with a cluttered life again. Turn your home’s most cluttered zones into spaces that everyone will want to use.

In a world where we always seem to acquire more stuff, our spaces are flexible storage solutions are made to keep life organized. Offering brands like Richlieu and Marathon, our team of storage experts will have your home looking neat and tidy. 

Total Living Concepts will help you make your space fit your life, so you can stop trying to fit your life into your space! 

cabinetry BarrieFrom walk-in and reach-In closets to garages, laundry rooms and living areas, our storage solutions will leave your home clutter-free and organized…in no time! 

No matter the reasons you have to organize and create storage space, you can count on Total Living Concepts to transform your space. From single room solutions to a whole home or office systems, our team of experts will have you enjoying every square inch of your home. 

Visit our Design Portfolio for inspiration and ideas for your next project! 

Call us today for a kitchen or bathroom consultation and we will take your space and transform it into a place you actually want to be in.