Top 2020 Trends for a Beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom

Welcome to the ’20s…the 2020s that is! This year starts a whole new decade of trends, styles and innovative ideas for your kitchen and bathroom. Trends don’t have to be just new styles or themes, they can also be specific features, products or elements that are one small part of your overall design. So, without further ado…here are our top 3 emerging trends to watch for in 2020!

1. Transitional Design

“The term “transitional design” is often used by interior designers to reflect a room’s meshing of modern and traditional elements — essentially, combining two styles in one space, resulting in a cohesive design.”FreshHome

Many people these days don’t want a cookie-cutter style anymore, they want a combination of styles to suit their unique taste and lifestyle, sometimes a different one for each room! It is no wonder this trend is still going strong. It is common to see modern style mixed with rustic or classical. We commonly see an interest in Modern Farmhouse styles with our existing clients but there are a variety of combinations that work well together. 

Transitional design is all about making the unique element form each style and blending them harmoniously together to create your own unique look. Imagine eating dinner under a farmhouse-style pendant chandelier with wood-accented furniture, while enjoying the clean look of your new contemporary slab doors and rich tones of your cabinets. Add some colourful centrepieces and appliances that complement each other and make the room accents pop. 

Our blog, Traditional meets Contemporary, discusses transitional design in more detail. 

2. Slab Doors, Countertops & Hardware

Cabinets are another area where we have seen some trends emerging, particularly with Contemporary slab doors! This trend has seen an increase of over 25% in the last two years which isn’t hard to see why! 

These cabinet doors add a modern touch to any kitchen or bathroom design. With their smooth surfaces and solid frameless construction, these doors offer smooth design options for any style. 

Made of wood, plywood or MDF, slab doors can vary in price and quality depending on the material they are made of.  Pair them with a countertop that has cream undertones or brown or rust coloured veining! Then, add on lighting and hardware with gold tones or mixed metal finishes to create something unique. 

3. Warm Tones

Warm tones never really get old, but this year they are more popular than ever! A warm tone can elicit a similar cozy feeling that you experience when you are snuggled around a fire or walking through a fall forest. Think about the rich earth tones of wood, warm neutrals of stone to the bright colours of fire, colourful autumn leaves and the burnt orange of your pumpkin spice latte! You can inject warmth into almost anything just by adding accent pieces like pillows, throws, accessories or art! 

For more information on Warm tones and how to use them in your space, visit this great blog by The Spruce:

Many manufacturers are hopping on the custom train trend by adding a colour range for their products, allowing consumers to choose the one that fits their style and decor the best! Do you want an orange tub or a red stove? You can probably find one easily!

We also see a lot of white, black and grey, which have been staples in design for a long time. The trends for warmer tones are coming with creams and warm whites along with wood tones like Walnut. While white and black colour palettes are trending towards gentle pairing with a focus on one shade while accenting the other. You can read more on whites and greys in our blog, The Allure of White

No matter the reasons you have to change your style or try a new trend, you can count on Total Living Concepts to transform your space. From simple design changes to full renovations, our team of experts will have you enjoying every square inch of your home. Visit our Design Portfolio for inspiration and ideas for your next project! 

Call us for a kitchen or bathroom consultation and we will take your space and transform it into a place you actually want to be in.